Personalised Journal – Hardcover – A bright day begins with a bright mindset

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Personalised journals with your name, or perfect as a gift for a friend or loved one.

5 x 7” with a 0.5” spine (12.7 x 17.8 with 1.27cm spine)
64 pages (128 sides) of 90gsm paper
Available with ruled, graph or blank pages

Rigid, corrugated cardboard boxes made from recycled materials.

Keeping a journal, filled with what’s meaningful to you is something unique – as unique as each of us are. So, it would only make good sense to have its title page especially designed for you or for a loved one.

Our journals leave all the room you need to express yourself in ways that you see fit, you can choose to have blank, lined or gridded to suit your style of creative expression.

Why Keep A Journal?
Research has found that journaling or expressive writing can help to boost your mood, it can strengthen your sense of well-being, reduce symptoms of depression and improve your working memory.

– It can help you to achieve goals, by writing your goals down, you are able to identify action steps and make focused decisions.
– It can help to reduce stress, by creating a release of tension and allowing you to work through your emotions in a healthy way.
– It can help with anxiety, by a-loosing you to feel more in control of the things that are happening in your life. It can help to understand who are are, to develop a sense of self and to find our own particular “voice”
– It can boost your mental health, it’s been shown to be as effective as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
– It can aid your physical health by lowering blood pressure, helping you to sleep better, strengthening your immune system and generally keeping your healthier.
– It can spark creativity, by allowing us to process and access our creativity.

How to journal:
By just writing down your thoughts for 15-20 minutes in a day in a way that suits you best.

Tips for constructive journaling (Baikie & Wilhelm, 2005)
– Write in a private and personalised space that is free from distractions
– Write consecutively at least once each day
– Give yourself some time to reflect and balance yourself after writing
– Write about what feels right at the time
– Structure your writing however feels right to you
– Keep your journal private, it’s for your eyes only, allow yourself to be free with your expression


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