PHANTAI Mandala Yoga Mat

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Mandala Yoga Mats combine all the qualities of the world’s best yoga mats – cushioning, more space, ultra grip and alignment guidelines with a beautiful mandala design to aid your meditation and inner transformation.

Mandala as a meditation aid – mandala in Sanskrit means circle. Meditating on a mandala works as a tool on our spiritual journey, to bring about inner peace and profound inner transformation.

Ultra-grip – this natural rubber PVC free mat has a thin top layer that will keep you from sliding around in your yoga class, even when you’re really sweaty!

Alignment guidance – whether you’re a beginner or a teacher, the central line will keep you symmetrical and balanced no matter how twisty your yoga class.

Extra cushioning – the 4mm cushioning will protect your joints as you move through your yoga practice, and keep you comfy.

More space – our yoga mats are 185cm long and 68cm wide giving you more space to move freely.

Non-toxic – our yoga mats are made with natural rubber and are PVC free.


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