Jungle Culture Premium Shark Double Edge Safety Razor Blades (Pack of 10)


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Shark double edge razor blades are produced using high-quality stainless steel for a barbershop quality shave at a fraction of the price.

The perfect fit for our safety razors!

Jungle Culture also produces plastic-free shaving soap which will improve your shaving experience dramatically!

Safety razors were first invented in the 1800’s, but popularised by Gilette in the early 1900s when they were issued to the US army.

Double edged safety razors like the ones we make at Jungle Culture have removable heads and use razor blades which are replaceable and plastic-free, a fantastic sustainable alternative to disposable razors.

A double edged safety razor always has a protective razor guard built into the head, which significantly reduces the chance of cutting.

◄Can I recycle safety razor blades?
Absolutely! Safety razors are very eco-friendly and all blades can be recycled.

To recycle your eco-friendly razor blades, simply wipe them with a wet cloth and place in a metal recycling bin.


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