“Free to be Me” Rediscover Yourself Retreat on a Greek Island, 19th - 29th August
  • rediscover yourself retreat
  • rediscover yourself retreat

“Free to be Me” Rediscover Yourself Retreat in Leonidio, Greece 19th – 29th August

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Are you looking for a get-away from the everyday routine in exchange for self-discovery and adventure?. Our rediscover yourself retreat hosted in Greece this summer has all you need to reconnect to that spark within your true self.

Enjoy 10 nights in the morphological region of Leondio (just a 3 hour bus ride from Athens) and immerse yourself in yoga and meditation on the beautiful beach, two day trips, to Nafplio and Argos), self-care and rejuvenation.

Our rediscover yourself wellness retreat is led with the intention of adventure, self-love, and spiritual growth, explore the wonders of the world, create life-long relationships, push yourself to new limits, grow in your yoga practice, cultivate more love & compassion, gain a deeper sense of mindfulness and get yourself from a state of Balance to Bliss.

Come join us in the wonderland that is Greece. Fall in love with its beauty, as well as with yours.


* Yoga
* Day trips to Argos and Nafplio
* Workshop (full moon ceremony)
* Yoga at the beach and nature therapy (hiking)
* Free time to explore yourself as well as your breathtaking surroundings
* 1 Reiki treatment and Reiki initiation Level 1 class

Retreat schedule

07:15 Morning meditation
08:00 Yoga
10:00 Breakfast
11:30 Reiki session or free time
(Day trips on two of the days)
19:00 Supper
20:30 Satsang


Alyssa Marsillo
Having started yoga & seeing a life coach in my late teen years, I learned early on how deeply I resonated with well-being on a physical-mental-spiritual level. My interests in spirituality, holistic wellness and natural therapies allowed me to explore various ways of achieving health. It is through the study of sciences & schools of thought that have been around for thousands of years, that I have been gratefully able to offer services as a Naturo-therapist.

Irene Lembessis
I became interested in Yoga & Reiki when I began my journey towards self love & healing. I am now a Yoga Teacher, Reiki GM and Teacher, as well as a Certified Crystal Therapist. The unconditional loves of Reiki, and balance of Yoga and meditation, have inspired me to guide and encourage others to find the light within them. The journey is just as important as the destination! Be humble, be teachable, and always keep learning.


Our home for our 10-night rediscover yourself retreat is the Agroktima Traditional Guesthouse (4.5 star rating). Private housing is available upon request.

Retreat Price

Prices are in British pounds


* All meals
* Daily yoga & meditation practices
* Day trips to Argos & Nafplio + excursions
* 1 Reiki therapy session

Does not include

* Flight to Athens
* Transport to and from retreat guesthouse

What to pack

-Yoga Mat
-Swim suit
-Comfy clothing to practice yoga in
-Hiking or sports shoes


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