Restorative Yoga Bolster – Cylindrical – Mehera Shaw Edition


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This patterned round yoga bolster is made of organic cotton and filled with organic spelt shells, helps deepen your yoga practice and supports and revitalises your back and spine.

Flexible and adjustable support in Yin Yoga and restorative practices, and for meditation.

A round bolster is ideal for backbends or as a support for your knees to relieve stress in your back.

A bolster or a roll can also be a suitable seat for meditation. You can use the bolster for the so-called “knee seat” by putting it between your legs and letting your buttocks sink onto the bolster. Your knees are facing forward, your feet are facing backwards.

If you like meditating with your back against the wall, you can lean the bolster lengthways or sideways to gently support your back.

The Mehera Shaw round bolster is available in blue and orange patterns.

Orange: The colour orange stands for energy, optimism, zest for life, activity, open-mindedness, self-confidence and cordiality. Orange looks happy and can improve your mood. Cool and dark rooms benefit from orange’s warmth, and happiness. In the chakra theory, Orange stands for the Svadhisthana-Chakra (Svadhisthana = sweetness, loveliness). The chakra symbolizes vitality, the connection of body and mind and self-confidence. It is also a symbol of divinity, renunciation, faith and devotion.

Blue: Blue stands for clarity, peace, vision, inspiration, communication, imagination and cosmic consciousness. Blue has a soothing, relaxing effect and is therefore ideal for reducing stress and finding peace. With the colour blue, we connect the expanse of the bright summer sky and the depth of the sea. Blue is in the chakra doctrine for the Ajna Chakra (the 3rd eye chakra). This chakra designates special knowledge, super-sensory perceptions, reason, clarity and our intuition.

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