Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pads | 20 Makeup Pads | Vegan and Cruelty Free | Organic Eco Friendly Product | Hypoallergenic


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Would you like to switch to a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to disposable cotton pads? Then our ultra soft reusable makeup pads are a fantastic alternative! They are made of premium bamboo and cotton, certified organic, vegan, cruelty free and hypoallergenic.

🍀• EACH SIDE OF PAD HAS A DIFFERENT FABRIC: Thanks to that you can used the dual sided fabrics on one pad, depending on the type of makeup you want to get rid of .You can removing heavy make up with our TERRY fabric or cleansing lighter makeup with our VELVET fabric.
🌱• ADDED BONUS: This 100% natural konjac facial sponge for all skin types is silky smooth, gently exfoliating and totally biodegradable.You’ll love how its neutral pH helps balance the skin and leaves it deeply clean and radiant.
♻️•ECO FRIENDLY: Using our reusable cotton pads, chemical-free and non-toxic, you can sleep well knowing that you are the one saving the planet.
🌿• LAUNDRY BAG INCLUDED: Our cotton wool pads comes with a cotton mesh storage bag so that you’ll never lose them in the washing machine.
✅• SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We love our face cloth and believe that everyone should too.But if you are not happy with them, then you are welcome to return them back with no question asked.

How many times were you looking for an eco-friendly reusable make up remover pads?

YOU WANT- an organic and natural bamboo reusable makeup pads
YOU NEED- gentle yet effective cleaning pads
YOU DESIRE- a special laundry bag for your bamboo cotton pads and BONUS- natural facial konjac sponge
YOU GET- everything what you want, need and desire with our Bamboo Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Our Dual Sided Pads are good for removing heavy makeup as well as cleansing lighter make up.
They are a great alternative to disposable cotton wool makeup remover pads.
Our premium quality pads are healthy for your skin and the environment.

Bambolena Set Contains:

• 20 different sided fabric organic reusable makeup remover pads
• 1 X 100% cotton wash bag
• Bonus- 1 X 100% natural vegetable fibre konjac sponge

Why people choose our Reusable Makeup Remover Pads?

• Made from high quality bamboo cotton fabrics
• Organic, natural and plastic- free properties
• All set is 100% recyclable and biodegradable
• Dual Sided Fabric is suitable for all skin types and various types of makeup
• Added Bonus- Natural Vegetable Konjac Face Sponge for gently exfoliate your skin and cleanse pores
• Long term costs saving due to the durability of the materials used
• Zero waste and have a longer lifetime than disposable standard cotton pads
• Are hypoallergenic and eco friendly products

You will never want to get back to disposable makeup remover pads ever again! Our packaging, 100% natural vegetable fibre Konjac sponge and 100% natural cotton mesh laundry bag make our cotton pads a perfect yet not expensive gift! Don’t hesitate, buy now and help save the Earth!


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