7 Day Sahara Desert Retreat in Morocco 28th October – 5th November

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Sahara Desert Retreat, Morocco 28th October – 5th November

This 7 day Sahara Desert retreat is a journey to the heart and an immersion for the self, that will get you unplugged from modern society and challenge the status quo that influences your life. You will open your inner eye — the seat of your intuition, and learn to navigate your life with a soft, confident double-grip on the cosmic wheel.

During your stay in the desert, Leo Cosendai will take you through the sonic and yogic practices that have changed his life and opened up his horizons.

You will experience the transformative power of sound, kundalini yoga, breathwork and chanting at the best time of the year: you will uncover a desert that has inspired many to open their heart, tune into their intuition, and make the changes their life has been asking for.

On the day of arrival you will be flying into Marrakech in the morning to be greeted and met by Leo’s team who will take care of you and take you aboard their 4×4 peace convoy to our first stop, the ethereal yet earthy Casbah Aït Benhaddou, an igrehm along the former caravan route between the Sahara and Marrakech, and a UNESCO heritage site since 1987.

You will get to explore the Casbah and its surroundings staying in a cute hotel with a prime view on the edifice for our first night together. The next day will see us make our way to our desert home where we will stay until it’s time to say goodbye to the shooting stars and camels. All levels are welcome.


The camp is located in the Sahara desert a short flight or an eight- hour drive through the Atlas Mountains from Marrakech. Here you’ll find design-eco-conscious, spacious and luxury tents with comfy beds and white cotton linen, outdoor lanterns, Berber rugs, open campfires, etc. Each room has its own bathroom

Gong Bath
Twice a day — it makes meditation accessible — ‘psychedelics meet deep tissue massage but legal and hands off.’

Kundalini yoga
The future of yoga — no pretzel gymnastics here, it makes your nervous system strong and makes your glands produce the perfect mix of chemicals so you can make the most of your mind and body.

Breath-Work & Chanting
We lost our voice as individuals and it’s time to claim it back. Tone deaf singers are welcome.

People from all over the world are taking this trip to:
-Plant the seeds for a fruitful and meaningful future
-Gain clarity and balance
-Reconnect with themselves
-Process trauma
-Let go of limiting beliefs
-Get in touch with their inner child
-Reclaim their sleep (reset circadian rhythms)
-Be at one with nature (in a comfortable eco-lux setting)

Retreat schedule

We invite you to do as much or as little as you like. Experience the power of sound in nature, conscious yoga, breath work, chanting twice a day, or take the book you’ve been meaning to read for months on top of a dune and spend some time on your own in nature silence.

Take a camel ride at sunset or stargaze to the sound of traditional Berber music. There’s no timetable; you do what feels best for you.

A regular day may go as follows:
7.15AM: Kundalini Yoga + Gong Bath + Chanting
9.45AM: Breakfast
FREE-TIME: Treatments, walk & explore, journal, meditate, sand boarding…
2.15PM: Lunch
FREE-TIME: Camel-riding, trip to the oasis (take swimming costume), treatments….
6PM: Breath-work / Gong Sound Bath / Chanting
8.30PM: Dinner
9.30PM: Campfire + Soak up the Saharan sky & make wishes
(shooting stars) + occasional Berber live music“Learn to recognise omens, and follow them”


Leo Cosendai

Teacher, author and founder of meditation app Third Ear has been holding transformational retreats for the past 8 years and this will be his last one.

Leo is changing the way people interact with sound. His work in making gong baths accessible worldwide has gained him recognition as a leading figure in the wellness movement.

Leo’s work applies itself to both individuals and corporations and is extremely accessible which makes it inviting to everyone. He has presented meditation through sound to over 1 million people with the help of his app Third Ear, as well as his TV appearances.

Leo is also a HarperCollins author and teaches in London’s leading yoga studios and gives workshops, seminars and talks internationally. He has been featured widely in the press, appearing in The Sunday Times, Forbes, The Guardian, Mr. Porter, VICE, Huffington Post, Daily Mail and Evening Standard to name but a few.

Leo’s early years were spent between Switzerland and Asia, where he was exposed to a culture which has discreetly shaped his path. Passionate about art, music, and therapy, he went on to study composition, singing, yoga+meditation around the world, and in London where he now resides with his wife Sara Cosendai.

Leo has been helping hundreds of thousands of people to transform their life through Sound Meditation. A behaviour changing experience which helped eradicate the acute anxiety he had suffered from since early childhood. He now spends most of his time sharing those very tools and techniques with groups, individuals and businesses.


Locally wild sourced and organic meals and drinks. We cater for vegetarians.

Retreat accommodation options:

Solo: (1x queen bed)
Duo: (2x single beds or 1x queen bed)
Trio: (3-4x single beds)

Retreat Price

Solo: £3,200
Duo: £2,300 p.p
Trio: £1,900 p.p


The cost of your ticket includes
• Group tuition with Leo (2h15 in the morning and 1h15 in the afternoon or evening)
• Accommodation in the desert + 1st night at the iconic Ait-Ben-Hadou Kasbah
• Locally wild sourced & organic meals and drinks
• Airport pickups/transfers, internal flight, journey to the desert, and other programmed travels
• Sand boarding
• 1x camel ride
• Trip to the secret oasis

Does not include

  • Flights
  • Insurance

What past guests have said

“The gong baths were amazing! Among the views of Positiano on the yoga deck were inspiring experiences! They really helped unblock my creativity and had a lovely relaxing time! Thanks Leo!”

“I felt so great full for being able to experience the environment and energy that seemed to hug me.. allowing me to focus on letting go… breathe. I left feeling energised, clear headed and blessed to be alive and able to experience the retreat.”

“Just to say how much Matilda and I enjoyed our Yoga retreat. Leo guided us through the most wonderful sound immersions meditations and excellent yoga sequences.”

Location and how to get there

The camp is located in the Sahara desert a short flight or an eight- hour drive through the Atlas Mountains from Marrakech. Fly into Morocco airport. Search for flights here.


Once booked, you’ll receive a welcome pack detailing everything you need to know from flight times and visa information to what you should bring.

To make an enquiry or book this 7 Day Sahara Desert Retreat in Morocco, send your request to the team who will get back to you within 24 hours or email us directly on retreats@soulseedmedia.com.