Seeds of Intention Cards


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This credit card-sized mini-deck includes 42 intention cards. Seeds of Intention are the little sister to the May You Know Joy meditation cards, offering more specific and bite-size intentions for every day. If you are looking for one small intention to shift your day, this is it.

Seeds of Intention cards are snack-size – both in terms of physical size and what’s asked of you. They are designed to inspire you to set an intention each day – big or small. Some of these inspirational cards are grounding and some may test your limits. Intentions put your dreams and aspirations into motion creating a life of conscious awareness and purpose.

These inspiring cards can be used at the beginning of the day, at the start of a meeting at work or with friends, at the start of a yoga class or at home with family. Use them wherever they slot into your life. These cards are great for opening up a conversation but are equally great in helping internal reflection in the quieter moments of your day.


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