Self Care Journal


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Self Care Daily Playbook, brimming full of exercises and prompts to initiate self care for your mind, body & spirit!

172 pages of questions and affirmations to lift you up, settle you down and guide you to recognise your amazing potential.

20 chapters guiding you to create a self-love ritual, by checking in to monitor the wellness of your mind, body and spirit. Chapters contain repeated exercises intended to help you build positive, mental beliefs.

20 beautiful, full colour affirmation pages to support you in creating a loving belief system.

1 lovely pink ribbon to mark your progress.

Do you ever feel depleted, disempowered, anxious or experience self-doubting thoughts? These are symptoms of an unsupportive belief system you’ve unconsciously built up throughout your life.

The processes in this playbook will help to unlock your perspective about yourself, as you slowly become aware of how powerful and amazing you actually are.

Inside, you will find guided exercises to:

+ be mindful
+ pamper yourself
+ express yourself
+ connect to your intuition
+ fuel and nourish your body
+ forgive & let go of stuff you don’t need
+ consciously co-create
+ change a belief
+ and more!

Using this playbook regularly will support you in feeling confident, courageous, peaceful and empowered to live out your deepest desires. The time you spend exploring with this journal could be the greatest gift you give yourself.

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