Swarmi Shiva Shankar Yoga & Meditation Retreat, Ibiza, 9th – 16th June

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Swarmi Shiva Shankar Yoga & Meditation Retreat, Ibiza

A transformational week in June that will take your yoga to new heights. This is beyond a teacher training. Delve deeper into your yogic journey with Swarmi Shiva Shankar who is back to Ibiza for a second year running after the success of his first retreat in Ibiza last year.

Taking residence at one of Ibiza’s most beautiful finca’s on the north of the island, The House of Om is proud to host the return of Swarmi Shiva Shankar to lead a week’s yoga and meditation retreat that will offer you the opportunity to deepen your practice in the most peaceful surroundings; with twice-daily yoga and meditation classes led by Shivaji and House of Om founder, Vicky Godfrey.

Ibiza is one of the most magical places in the world and is simply enchanting and at its best in June. The beaches are phenomenal, the water is warm and the island is still peaceful as it builds to the busy summer months. Our sanctuary, is a beautiful 17th Century finca in the Ibizan country side near the beautiful villa of San Carlos Village

It is the perfect base for you to press pause, unwind and let go. We would also encourage a digital detox, while surrounded by the beautiful nature that surrounds Casa Shakti.

Nestled in country lanes on the north of the island, Casa Shakti has a yogi heart of its own. With its yoga deck, pool and terrace, vegetable gardens, dogs, cat and horses, wonderful energy and equally wonderful people abound. It’s the perfect place for The House of Om to host this very special annual retreat.

We will spend an evening meditation at Es Vedra watching the sun go down. Es Vedra is one of the third most magnetic spots in the world (After the Bermuda triangle). Come and feels its energy as you we meditate being led by Shri Shiva Shankar.

We will also have a BIO WELL MACHINE, to read peoples chakras and auras at the beginning of the retreat, and again at the end of the retreat, to see how the body has become more balanced over the week of yoga, healthy food and chanting to change our vibrations.

Hikes & Walks

There are some amazing secret hiking trips to be taken around Ibiza, that show you breathtaking views from high on cliffs, and finding untouched beaches, or The Goddess Tanits cave.

Retreat schedule

The retreat will open at 6pm on June 9th 2019 with an opening circle in the evening before the welcome dinner.

Mornings start with an optional meditation on the roof-top of Casa Shakti at sun-rise.

A light breakfast follows, after which there will be our morning yoga (asana) class and Yoga Philosophy where Shivaji takes us through the some of the rich history and teachings behind our asanas and introduces us to the life of an Indian Yogi.

A delicious vegan brunch will be provided every day, then you can enjoy your free time to sunbathe, go to the beach (just 10 mins walk away), visit the famous Las Dalias market which is also nearby, or just relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Casa Shakti.

Our second daily class of yoga takes place early evening and is often followed by a beautiful yoga nidra meditation or sound bath. A freshly-cooked vegan dinner is provided afterwards before we close the evening – ready to enjoy all over again until the end of our retreat on June 15th. June 16th is checkout day, we have to leave the finca by 11am.

We will go to the beach for one afternoon yoga class and there is also an optional trip to the famous Es Vedra for a chakra meditation..

About the Teacher

He was known from an early age as a foremost exponent and expert of the tradition; its texts and practices. He was a child prodigy with a flair for recitation of Mantras for a prolonged time-span, practice of Yogic techniques, meditating for hours and studying the ancient Holy Scriptures.

After his school education, Shivaji dedicated his whole life to following the journey within by walking on the well-trodden ancient path of Yogic revolution shown by the Himalayan Masters, Sages, Great Yogis and Vedic Scholars. At the age of 14, crossing all familial and social boundaries and limitations, he left his home to attain spiritual enlightenment.

His first stepping stone in this journey was when he enrolled himself in 1989, into the ancient Vedic Gurukula tradition of Adishankaracharya, the biggest Vedic University in the world named ‘Maharshi Veda Vigyan Vishwa Vidyapeeth’, Noida, Ghaziabad, India, founded by H.H. Maharshi Mahesh Yogi.

He began to live an ascetic Brahmacharya (celibate) life by maintaining Gurukula disciplines and Yogic principles while studying Veda (Vedic Rituals, Manta chants, Sanskrit literature, learning transcendental meditation and Yoga) in the Maharshi Ashram. He gained proficiency in performing Pujas, Yajnyas, Abhisheka and various other Vedic rituals and ceremonies and later went on to share these traditions with wider society outside of the ashram environment in order to serve and benefit the welfare of others irrespective of cast, creed, gender, status or nationality.

After successfully completing a three year course in Vedic Science and Meditation (T.M) for which he achieved first rank, he was selected to visit the West to spread the message of Sanatana Vaidika Dharma.

The teacher has to understand the level of the student in order to impart it. From his early teaching phases, Shivaji believed in building up the competence level of his students and so therefore chooses the subjects that he teaches according to the individual needs, interests, level of experience, capacity and intensity of his students.

He is distinctly recognised in the fields of Raja Yoga (Ashtanga – eight limbs), Mantra Yoga (16 limbs), Laya Yoga (9 limbs), Hatha Yoga (4 limbs), Kundalini Yoga, Tantra and Kriya Yoga. His basic curriculum includes the study of Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Laya Yoga. Other aspects of Yoga are also included, keeping the Holy Vedic scriptures and Yogic texts in perspective.


Casa Shakti is a 17th century finca (Spanish for farm), nestled in pine covered hills behind the town of San Carles de Peralta, surrounded by nature and the scent lavender and rosemary.

We chose the name “Casa Shakti” as “Shakti” stands for the energy that sustains all aspects of life. We believe that this energy is underlying in all the activities we do here: yoga classes, retreats, healthy eating and vegetarian cooking workshops. A number of lovely rescue animals live with us here and they help us stay connected with the Shakti energy and nature.

The house sits in an idyllic spot, on a hilltop with wonderful sweeping views over the valley and out to sea and to the island of Formentera. The land extends over 50.000sqm and is covered partly by forest, which offers shade and respite from the heat of the summer, and partly by a large expanse of almond trees, which blossom spectacularly in spring.

Large century-old terraces are devoted to organic cultivation and to housing our 4 lovely rescue horses Arachana, Apache, Beauty and Indigo. The finca has several terraces for relaxing and enjoying the views and a lovely cobbled courtyard that leads up to our gorgeous swimming pool, with jacuzzi and spectacular views.

Room options

1 en suite double room (Single or double occupancy)
2 x double bed rooms (Single or double occupancy
2 x Bell tents set in nature. (Singe or double occupancy)
Mongolian yurt set in nature. Sharing double beds (3 occupancy)


Daily freshly prepared vegetarian mediterranean meals, all locally sourced and healthy. You will be served two meals a day – brunch and dinner.

Retreat Price

Starts from £900 for sharing / Camping (belltent or Mongolian tent)
Shared rooms – £1100
Shared room with en suite – £1250
Single room occupancy – £1500


  • Two meals a day
  • Snacks and unlimited drinks
  • Bio well chakra reading

Does not include

  • Massage
  • Reiki
  • Facials
  • Beauty treatments
  • Shamaic massage
  • Thai massage
  • Reflexology
  • Tarot card readings
  • Healing via voice and song, connecting to your guides

Location and how to get there

Casa Shakti, San carlos, Ibiza. From the airport you can take a taxi or hire a car. Alternatively you can get a bus to Es Canar and a taxi from there to San Carlos.


To book your place on this 7 day Swarmi Shiva Shankar Yoga & Meditation Retreat, send your enquiry to the team who will get back to you within 24 hours or email us directly on retreats@soulseedmedia.com.