FunctionalFitness Weighted Soft Pilates Yoga Toning Ball Pair – 2 x 0.5kg


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DOP FREE PVC OUTER SHELL (12cm Diameter) – The DOP Free PVC Material used for the shell of these FunctionalFitness Soft Balls offers a lovely, soft to the touch yet grippy surface to hold on to during exercise, reducing the risk of the balls slipping during use.

HIGHLY VERSATILE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT – These FunctionalFitness Soft Balls are suitable for a huge range of exercises including use for Pilates, Yoga, Plyometrics, Rehabilitation, Balance Training, Toning and Strengthening as well as being ideal for increasing your range of motion.

SAFER THAN TRADITIONAL DUMBBELLS – These FunctionalFitness Soft Balls are filled with sand, making them much safer to use than traditional dumbbells as, in the event that they are dropped, they will not inflict injury on the user nor will they damage the floor.

PROMOTES THE DEVELOPMENT OF FUNCTIONAL GRIP STRENGTH – As well as being great for a wealth of uses, these FunctionalFitness Soft Balls help to develop functional grip strength with every usage as well as offering a more fluid and natural range of motion than a traditional dumbbell.

AVAILABLE IN 3 COLOUR CODED SIZES – These FunctionalFitness Soft Balls are available in 3 colour coded sizes, 0.5kg (Purple), 1.0kg (Green) and 1.5kg (Blue) allowing them to be easily identified when stored together, making life easier for the user.


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