7 Day Euphoria Physical & Emotional Wellbeing Retreat, Greece | 8th – 15th May

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We invite you to explore Euphoria Retreat, Europe’s leading wellbeing destination spa hotel. Step away from your normal life and discover an unparalleled health and fitness retreat where the food, treatments, activities and facilities combine to create one of the world’s ultimate healthy holidays. Both healing and holistic – your ideal Greek spa getaway awaits.

Euphoria Retreat is not just a hotel. Come here to discover a healing philosophy which aims to both energise and balance you. Explore our spa building, an architectural wonder, and delve into our wellness programs.

Retreat Program

This retreat offers you an immersive experience of our core philosophy for joyful transformation, the concept on which Euphoria Retreat was founded. You will experience the 5 Elements system as a theory for understanding our life path – both through dialogue and experiential practices. You will also enjoy beautiful therapies, all of which will deepen your connection to your authentic self.

The Euphoria Emotional and Physical Transformation Retreat is very special, devised by our founder Maria Efraimoglou as a journey of emotional, physical and spiritual renewal. Your experience, in group sessions of dialogue and embodied practice, as well as with exquisite solo treatments, conceived to open you at a soul level, is built around her heartfelt belief in the 5 Elements. This is an ancient Chinese code of understanding the natural world and how we, as humans, relate to it in terms of our physical health and psychological behaviors.

Your mornings are devoted to discovering the characteristics of each element – water, wood, fire, earth, and metal /ether – and how you, as an individual, are affected by their characteristics, emotionally and spiritually. During the afternoon, you will enjoy therapies to balance these characteristics in you so you can overcome emotional blockages and work on physical issues with the aim of achieving your own higher potential –with joy and understanding.

You will be guided through experiential practices, therapies, and dialogues to better understand how energy flows through the 5 Elements in the universe and how your personal energy is affected by this universal energy.

This will help you restore a more harmonious flow in your emotional and physical wellbeing.This is an unforgettable holiday: 7 days that blend ancient wisdom, contemporary approaches, natural healing practices, professional excellence, personal passion, and beautiful nature.

This Programme is perfect if you:

  • wake up in the morning feeling lethargic
  • find it hard to focus, drifting off into a mental fog
  • are feeling low and anxious
  • are constantly tired and easily irritated
  • develop allergic reactions from foods
  • simply feel an overall ‘heaviness’

The results and what you will feel after the retreat:

  • feel an overall sense of balance
  • feel cleansed in your body: stronger, livelier and lighter
  • feel calmer, happier and more relaxed
  • be more focused, with increased mental vitality
  • face life situations with a more positive attitude
  • have a clearer complexion and brighter skin
  • have set a base for positive long-term change for a healthier lifestyle


Nutritionally tailor-made meal plan based on a unique to Euphoria patent protocol called 3GL that with few drops of blood calculates the 3 most important biomarkers for metabolic health – glycogen, glucose and glutathione (called 3GL), the main endogenous antioxidant against free radicals.

Guests shall enjoy the pleasure of food at the “GAIA” restaurant where the gastronomy experience marry the Mediterranean and Greek cuisine based on a selection of local, no-local and traditional products together with the idea of healing and keeping guests mentally alert and energetic throughout the stay.


The minimalistic and elegant design of Euphoria Retreat offers a sense of luxury that will both inspire and ensure absolute comfort during your stay.

Guests can choose from 45 rooms and suites and enjoy uplifting views of the famous town of Mystras and its castle, as well as our private forest.

Decorated with warm colours inspired by Byzantine iconography and luscious textiles exclusively designed for Euphoria Retreat, each guest room has its own distinctive character and is fully equipped with the latest technology – including subtle lighting, bioclimatisation, underfloor heating and home automation systems.

Wooden furniture, marble bathrooms and an optimal layout complete the zen and calming atmosphere. Disabled access rooms are also available.

Room Options

Classic Room
The classic guest rooms occupy an area of 25 to 32 square metres, are decorated in soothing colours and have designer furniture and luxurious bedding, with the option of a king-size bed or twin beds. They come complete with a marble bathroom and a patio or veranda overlooking the estate’s gardens.

Superior Room
The Superior Deluxe guest rooms boast an area of 35 to 49 square metres. They have an adjoining seating area, marble or wooden floors, a marble bathroom with shower, and a veranda overlooking the citrus groves and the village of Mystras, or the private forest. They come with either twin beds, a small double (130cm) or a super king-size bed and are fully equipped with modern appliances.

Executive Room
The Executive Deluxe guest rooms boast an area of 42 to 49 square metres, and offer exceptional comfort and layout, elegant decoration, designer furniture, and large twin beds, a small double (130cm) or a super king-size. Their colours breathe tranquility and serenity. They have an adjoining seating area, marble bathrooms with showers, a private balcony or terrace with valley view, marble or wooden floors.

Junior Suite
The Euphoria Junior Suites are truly stylish and spacious, boasting an area of 53 square metres. They exude serenity and peace, are equipped with aroma diffusers with signature Euphoria aromatic oils for a peaceful, relaxing sleep, as well as sophisticated appliances and modern lighting. They come with large twin beds or a super king-size bed, a relaxing adjoining living area, and a luxurious onyx marble bathroom.

Junior Suite (Executive)
The elegant and ultra-luxurious Euphoria Executive Junior Suites boast an area of 55 to 63 square metres, offering a spacious layout. Serenity and tranquility prevail, thanks to the soothing colours, and special aroma diffusers with signature Euphoria aromatic oils. They have an adjoining bedroom with a choice of large twin beds, a super king-size bed or small double (130cm), and an adjoining Ottoman living area.

Junior Suite (Heritage Leoncini)
Occupying an area of 50-60 square metres, the Heritage Leoncini Junior Suites are located in the Leoncini Mansion, a historical and totally restored building dating to 1830. Each suite is exclusively decorated with different character, with traditional furniture, antiquities and objects of art from the owner’s private collection. They offer a breathtaking view of the private forest, the castle and the traditional village of Mystras.

Suite (Mystras)
The exclusive and elegant Mystras Suites, boasting an area of 55 to 67 square metres, have a separate wooden-floored bedroom with large twin beds or a super king-size bed, a living room and a luxurious onyx marble bathroom featuring a Custom Steam Shower. The Mystras Suites exude a sense of subtle luxury with their designer furniture, incredible decoration and artwork, beautiful bedding and textiles.

Grand Suite (Byzantium)
The majestic Byzantium Grand Suite of Euphoria Retreat, boasting an impressive area of 100 square metres, exudes status and luxury and is specially designed for those who require privacy. The Byzantium Grand Suite consist of two separate wooden-floored bedrooms with one super king-size bed and one double bed, a spacious living room and two luxurious onyx marble bathrooms, one with a Custom Steam Shower.

Retreat Price

Prices are in Euros

Current rate is priced with a 15% promotional offer (valid until the 7th of May).

From €5584 for 7 nights accommodation + retreat program one person is Superior Deluxe room / €9698 two people

Package Inclusions

3GL-Nutritional Analysis+Assessment+Respiratory 45 1
Nutritional Guidance Session 30 1
Body Bioimpedance Analysis 1
Medical & Holistic Consultation with bioenergetic profiling 85 1
Transformation Consultation 60 1
5 Element Balancing 50 5
Reflexology or Sanctuary for Busy Minds 50 1
Emotional transformation and self-awareness -Group Session Through the 5 Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal /Ether) (2-2.5h daily) 120 6
Feel Alive Again massage 80 1
5 Element Dance Therapy 45 1
Group dining in the candlelite private dining room with group mentors 1
Group Euphoria Byzantine Hammam Ritual and Meditation 60 1
Daily Biofunctional Smoothy & Snack according to the nutritional guidance
Breakfast – Lunch – Dinner according to the nutritional guidance

Does not include

  • Beverages
  • City taxes
  • Transfers

What to pack

Must-have items in your luggage: swimsuit, sneakers, trekking/hiking shoes, outdoor/indoor yoga and fitness outfit, your favourite sunblock, light and comfortable dress and all things that could help you enjoy the powerful Greek sun and the beautiful forest around Euphoria.

How to get here

Euphoria Retreat is located in Mystras, Greece. Euphoria Retreat is accessible by Plane – to Athens International Airport or Kalamata International Airport.

By Car – 2.5-hour drive from Athens (220km distance) or 50 minutes’ drive from Kalamata (103km distance). Euphoria concierge shall be glad to arrange transfers to reach the destination at extra charge. We recommend Skyscanner to search for the best airfares.


To book this Euphoria Wellbeing Detox Retreat, send your enquiry to the team who will get back to you within 24 hours or email us directly on retreats@soulseedmedia.com.

Special offer – 15% discount. The discount is valid for bookings made from now until 07/05/2022 + £20 off your first booking.

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