Mindfulness and Yin Yoga Retreat, Portugal | 12 – 18 June / 28 August – 3 September

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Mindfulness and Yin Yoga Retreats in Portugal

Our yin yoga retreats are for those going through a stressful life period or work situations and need to rest, heal and recharge batteries, while spending some quality time with themselves. Living in the world, balancing love, work, family, finances and health is not an easy feat.

There are always incredible moments to be enjoyed but they are usually sustained and financed by long days of hard work. To maintain our health in such busy rhythm is often challenging and there are moments when one needs to take a break, a wholesome break, both for the body and the mind.

This retreat offers exactly that, quality yoga and mindfulness teachings, therapeutically holistic treatments, healthy food and lots of time and space for you to disconnect and reconnect.

 A way that includes words like forgiveness, compassion, acceptance or empathy and at the same time the capacity to decline other people’s abusive behaviour.

Yoga & Meditation

Our yin yoga retreats are soft, healing and restorative retreats where people who need to take a break and recharge batteries have the opportunity to do it in the most wholesome environment. These retreats are for all levels.

During this yoga retreat, immerse in Yin and Restorative yoga, loving kindness meditation, mindfulness in communication. What moves us, what makes the world go round is love.

We all want to love and be loved but we are not always skilful at it. People make mistakes and we get hurt, other times we make mistakes and hurt others. Some other times a beautifully nurtured love story ends because of death, illness or an inevitable separation. We all have to go through it at one time or another.

This retreat is destined to treat all these matters, directed to those of you who are going through difficulties in any of your relationships (romantic, family or work) or simply want to improve them and learn a more skillful way to communicate and relate to one another.

A way that includes words like forgiveness, compassion, acceptance or empathy and at the same time the capacity to decline other people’s abusive behaviour. Welcome to this unique opportunity to heal and open your heart, supported by the softest side of yoga and the loving guidance of Jenny and Igor.

Yin and restorative yoga, loving kindness meditation, mindfulness in communication, yoga nidra and macrobiotic vegetarian diet.


07:30 Meditation
08.00 Tea break
08.30 Yoga
10.00 Breakfast
14.00 Lunch
17.00 Yoga
18.30 Talk
19:00 Dinner


Jenny and Igor entered into Hatha Yoga through Ashtanga Vinyasa, loved the feeling of committing to practice and that of giving movement to the meditative process.

Over the years they have slowed down and so has their practice, moving in softer styles, such as Yin or slow flow asana. They are most interested in finding their voice, which practice suits me today? Practicing like this, asana becomes a vehicle for not only awareness but also joy and creativity.

Their first meeting with meditation was through Vipassana and it is still a relevant part of our awareness training but we are also open to any self revelatory practice that offers a direct link to the heart.


Most mornings you’ll find our head chef Bruno in our gardens, scribbling menu notes, picking fresh herbs and discussing the daily harvest with our gardeners. Specialising in vegan and vegetarian dishes, he turns produce from the surrounding farm – along with other ingredients, that are as locally-sourced, seasonal and organic as possible* – into nourishing Mediterranean buffets. Always served with a smile, overlooking beautiful gardens, the presentation makes farm-to-fork more like an art form.

* That which isn’t grown on the surrounding land through regenerative agriculture is purchased from local producers and like-minded suppliers in tune with the Casa’s ethics; purchased at a fair price from farmers and producers who: protect natural resources, do not endanger wildlife, do not use pesticides in soil and water, do not destroy biodiversity and do not accelerate climate change.

From our fields full of vegetables to our surprising food forest; our traditional olive, almond, carob and orange trees, to our more exotic cultivations such as bananas and ‘superfood’ moringa; our quinta entices guests who are invited to join us in gardening and harvesting, and picking their own herbs for tea infusions and more.

As well as reviving the land and boosting our health as individuals, we strive to benefit the local community. Surplus is shared along with growing tips and cultivating chat. Our (veranda) has become a colourful meeting place for conscious foodies, discerning travellers and local creatives, who share our belief in permaculture principles.


We have changed the venue, searching for a return to a nature setting that inspires serenity and introspection and we found it at Aqua Ventura, a calm, beautiful, secluded off the grid retreat centre near the West Coast down here in South of Portugal. You have to see it. Let me rephrase, you have to feel it, so nurturing.

The hosts, Jonathan and Violeta, have a longtime experience in nature and sea activities and vast knowledge in eco and sustainable living, so even during the Healing retreats, you can easily leave the hammock to go surf, climb, cycle or learn about natural living.

The accommodation is a unique experience. Cottages are set among the Cork oak forest and is surrounded by a landscape of rivers, gardens and nature. Each space has been individually built, giving it a different style, view & beauty. Cozy areas, bright spaces with sweeping views of the spectacular natural environment.

Each room or cottage is equipped with its own bathroom but should you want to foray into nature, try the outside showers overlooking the river. Hidden among the trees you are secluded from the outside world but surrounded by nature.

In the lounge, there is a corner fireplace for reading, writing, games or afternoon tea…lots of comfortable cozy seating. The dining room is a large covered deck surrounded by nature.

Retreat Price

Shared double €990
Single €1,300


* 6 nights accommodation
* 3 daily organic vegetarian meals, additional snacks and teas available at all times
* 2 daily sessions of yoga and meditation

Does not include

* Airfare
* Travel insurance
* Transfers to and from Faro airport (We can assist with arrangements)

Optional activities

* Surf excursions (with or without instruction)
* Car or bike rental
* Hiking
* Swimming in the salt water pool
* Massage treatments

What past guests have said

”Jenny and Igor are probably the most inspiring yoga teachers i have encountered during my yoga practice for the last 10 years. They provide a unique opportunity to get to know your own body and your mind, always gentle and kind and never judgmental. Do yourself a big favor and learn from these gifted and beautiful teachers.” Dominique Haijtema, Journalist and author

How to get here

Getting here: Closest airport, Faro. All budget airlines fly to Faro, Ryan Air, EasyJet, Air Berlin, Tui.

There is cheap car hire at faro. Good local car hire is: www.zitauto.com. It is also possible to take a transfer or bus from Faro to Vila do Bispo or Pedralva. We use a local transfer company, contact us for details.


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