Open Mind Yoga & Mindfulness Retreat, Portugal 25th September – 2nd October

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Open Mind Yoga Retreat, Portugal

A mindfulness-based retreat integrating heart and compassion practices, neuroscience, deep ancient Buddhism (Theravada and Tibethan), yoga (Hatha-Iyengar, Nidra, Yin) and therapeutic massages (Thai Aryuvedic – Reiki), nature and a splendid environment!

You may know the feeling of your mind being open, fully present, and full of possibilities while letting life flow through you…those moments of fun, succeeding in something, or being on vacation.

But what about the other moments? The ones in which life doesn’t go as planned or in which you get caught up in an automatic doing mode, thoughts, or feelings? How do you tune in on a space of openness and clarity, watching the waves of life, without being thrown in the sea? This is what the Open Mind Retreat is all about.

Opening to an observational space that doesn’t try to change stories, opinions, judgments, and feelings, but simply – and more profoundly – cuts through it.

Expanding the possibilities of the mind, and learning to observe the process of thinking, without drawing in the content of thoughts, and the self-imposed limitations. Discovering the potential of moods and feelings, letting them flow gracefully and compassionately, to learn from them, without letting them define reality or actions.

Opening to the possibilities of the body, and subconsciousness, learning the art of being present, enjoying life, and taking in the good even when there is a storm at sea.

Because even though we cannot stop the waves, we can learn how to surf and connect to the wisdom of the body, the clarity of the mind, and the compassionate heart. We can only grow out of acceptance and recognition with what we encounter, not out of a fight or striving for something better.

How would life be, if your mind would be free? Not only when life is good to you, but from a deep acceptance with life as it is.

During this retreat you will also learn to unravel the mechanisms of your subconscious, so that you can gain a deeper insight into the true causes of suffering and happiness instead of combatting symptoms or search for quick fixes.

This retreat is not just a vacation. It’s also not a yoga vacation in which you will have two hours of yoga and some occasional meditation, it’s a journey within yourself with meditations, different practices, context theory, sharings and reflections. This allows you to get in touch with an open awareness for all layers: brain, mind, body, and heart.

Besides that, it’s also an opportunity to let your body recover and enjoying the surroundings, nature, food, and a wonderful group. The open mind sessions forms the core of this inner journey and the practice builds up with each day so it’s good to be there.

We do not delve in stories about the past, the future, who you think you are or not. Instead we learn to observe the stories, and beliefs in a particular way with a particular kind of attention, without going into the content of the story. This allows us to arrive in the here and now, and to master the new skills.


You’ll be served amazingly fresh and healthy biological food with 3 healthy (vegetarian and vegan) buffets a day with organic ingredients – mostly from their own garden!


The retreat centre is located in the midst of Portugal’s most beautiful nature, within the Natural Reservation Park of Costa Vicentina, and just a then mins drive from Portugal’s wild scenic coast lines, with Zambujeira do Mar, and Vila Nova de Milfontes as nearby beaches. It has everything you need:

  • A garden surrounded by 75 hectare of nature to make beautiful walks
  • A bio-pool to refresh afterwards
  • A canal with fresh water where you can go tubing
  • A massage hut in the middle of nature
  • A meditation and yoga- temple
  • A relaxation hall with comfy pillows and chairs
  • Different sunny decks
  • Private rooms with private bathroom, shared rooms with their own living room, a tree house, cabins in the woods, a tipi, an outdoor bathroom (take a shower with the view onto the valleys)


Daily Yoga sessions – Hatha-Iyengar in the mornings for an active freshness, Nidra or Yin yoga in the afternoons for deep relaxation.

Retreat schedule

We start the day with an energizing Hatha flow yoga to stretch our body and wake up. After a healthy breakfast, the morning open mind session forms the core of the program in which we’ll meditate, reflect and learn about the broader context of brain, body and mind.

In the afternoon, there is enough free time to explore the region, go to the beach, make some beautiful walks, read a book, dive into the bio-pool, take a massage, ….

In the evening there is restorative/ ying yoga to relieve deep tension from the muscles and enter a deep relaxation. Sometimes there will also be the possibility of practicing super relaxing Nidra yoga.

After dinner, we do a smaller open mind meditative practice to relax and reflect about the day.

The program formally ends on Friday late evening but you’ll be able to have a nice breakfast and yoga session on Saturday before leaving to the airport.

Sample daily schedule

08:00 – 09:00 Combination Iyengar-Hatha yoga
09:00 – 10:00 Breakfast
10:00 – 13:00 Mindfulness, Metta-heart meditation, and open mind practices, reflection, and theory
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 -17:00 Personal time to take a therapeutic massage, swim in the natural pool, go to the beach or go for a hike
17:30 -18:30 Restorative, Yin yoga, or Nidra Yoga
19:00 – 20:00 Dinner
20:00 – 21:00 Open mind relaxation session and daily sharing


Geraldine Gobert
Mindfulness – Meditation – Self-compassion – Coaching – Neuroscience

Geraldine has followed years of teacher trainings in the fields of mindfulness, self-compassion, positive neuro-plasticity, life coaching, trauma therapy coaching and Reiki.

She was taught by Mark Williams – designer of the MBCT program – University of Oxford (UK), Christina Feldman, and John Peacock – Insight Meditation Society (US), Chris Germer – Harvard Medical School (US), Kristin Neff – Center for Mindful Self-Compassion (US), as well as Monks in various monasteries across Europe and Asia, among others. In the past years, Geraldine facilitated mindfulness trainings for over +3000 people.

Anna Andrusiewicz
Hatha – Iyengar – Yin – Nidra – yoga

Yoga is given by Anna. She is a certified Yoga teacher and teaches slow flow Hatha classes with a strong foundation in classic, alignment-based Iyengar yoga. In the afternoon she also gives wonderful relaxing Yin yoga and Nidra yoga sessions. Her style is powerful, as well as gentle, and always compassionate and authentic.

Anna’s journey on the yoga mat has brought her closer to herself and opened her heart to her inner truth. Her insights are profound and she loves to share them with others. Besides that, she’s a gentle and loving human being, nature and peace lover, and a great inspiration!

Baptist Sakya
Thai Vedic Bodywork – Traditional Thai massage – Yogi – Ecstatic dj

Baptiste spend the last 13 years following the lineage of his family in holistic medicine learning natural healing techniques in order to heal himself and help others heal. He’s a certified massage therapist in Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, ThaiVedic Bodywork, Reiki and Aromatherapy.

ThaiVedic Bodywork combines timeless Ayurvedic principles of diagnosis and treatment with Buddhist Thai Yoga therapy; bridging one of the world’s greatest holistic medicine systems with the therapeutic techniques of Thai Yoga Massage. Every massage is specially designed to heal regarding on the qualities of your Ayurvedic constitution.

Besides that, he is also a yogi, a warm human being, and ecstatic DJ, so who knows in which dance he will lead us?

Geraldine de la Vigne
Massage & Reiki therapist

Geraldine has been working as a holistic massage therapist for the past 5 years in Brussels and on different retreats around the world. She followed a 3 year intensive body-mind therapist education at Atmaram school in Brussels, she is a certified Reiki Usui practitioner and has a certification in Equine therapy from Louvain-La-Neuve.

But more than that, she has an inspiring personality embedding an exceptional kindness and compassion. During her treatments she can provide you with a deep relaxation state and dissolve deep physical or emotional blockages that may be there.

She has a special connection with Portugal too and goes surfing and traveling there whenever she can.

Room options & pricing

€1450 pp for a suite room (double bed & in-room bathroom)

€1050 pp for a cosy twin room (2 persons)

€950 pp for a beautiful shared luxury cabin in the forest (for 3 persons). Also possible to take one of the twin room options at €1050 in the cabin

€850* pp for a cosy shared room (you share the room with 4 – 6 others) with a shared bathroom and a little living room

€790 pp in a shared room occupancy if you are living and working in Portugal


  • 7 nights stay in a jewel of nature, peace and silence
  • 3 healthy (vegetarian) meals a day with organic ingredients
  • Integrated course with 6 open mind sessions combining meditations, sharings and reflections (3h/each), 7 hatha yoga sessions (1h/each), 5 yin or nidra yoga sessions (1.5h/each)
  • Course material: booklet and audio material

Does not include

  • Transport to and from the retreat centre with shared rented cars
  • Other kind of drinks
  • Optional group activities during the afternoon
  • Massages

Optional activities

  • Massages
  • Walking
  • Reiki
  • Stargazing
  • Surfing
  • Ecstatic dancing
  • Swimming pool (outdoor)

What past guests have said

“I have just returned home after a beautiful week in Alentejo Portugal. I could not have drawn a better picture or written a more perfect story of how that week could have been. The content was so clear and delivered by Geraldine in such a deep compassionate way that my heart grew softer and bigger with each new day. I discovered so much about myself and learnt to open my heart and share.

I would like to truly and sincerely encourage anyone searching or needing self love, alone time for inner self, nourishing of the mind, body and spirit, to offer this wonderful gift to yourself. I am so grateful that I did. Thank you to all involved in ensuring such a special experience. ” Lisa Maree Rapaport (Australia) – Open Mind Retreat 2018

“More than expecting…. I was not expecting the deep insights and transformations which came as a result of this Open Mind Retreat. A balance of deep meditations, yoga, and inspirational open heart mindfulness teachings made the opportunity for personal growth and life enrichment. Fabulous guidance and support from Geraldine, the course provider. It is a truly experiential process. I’m over 60. The group was all ages, all of us on a similar path. This particular course focused on open heart open mindfulness. Quite frankly, the best retreat ever, and all taking place in a glorious setting of rural Portugal. Great food, some nice time out at nearby beaches, and much slow time with the natural beauty of the retreat. Can’t praise the course highly enough.” Allyson (UK) – Open Mind Retreat 2018

“The retreat was a truly profound, beautiful and powerful experience. I have been meditating and attending retreats for many years but found this one particularly helpful. What did I love? Staying in a quiet, wild, peaceful haven of nature; eating the most delicious and healthy food prepared with love; doing daily yoga with wonderful teacher Anna; being with like minded souls. But above all, the teachings and meditations with Geraldine who has such wisdom beyond her years, so much insight, clarity, groundedness and humanity. After following the path and meditating for many years, something finally truly clicked about how we create own suffering and can free ourselves. I can’t thank Geraldine enough.” Sara Jane Lawer (UK) – Open Mind Retreat 2018

How to get here

We’ll meet you at the airport

There is the possibility of sharing a rental car with fellow participants from Lisbon airport (or Faro airport if some come from Faro). This way you’ll also have a car to explore the beautiful environment in the afternoons! Rental costs can amount around 55-65 euros pp for a whole week. You can also rent your own car or come by public transport.

Fly to Lisbon or Faro from all major cities in Europe.

Estimated cost: €40-150 with low-cost (Ryanair, easyjet, vueling….) or €120-250 with any other major airline.
Book your flights below.


To book this retreat, send your enquiry to the team who will get back to you within 24 hours or email us directly on

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