Retreat in Ibiza: Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Wellness, 5th – 12th October

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It’s all inside, every single thing you need. Join us for a truly magical retreat and journey of laughter, adventure, amazing food, new friendships, transformation, rejuvenation, sunsets, yoga, meditation, Pilates, connecting to nature, releasing limiting blocks, opening up to possibilities, pine forests, turquoise waters, picnics, empowering workshops, new beginnings and magic memories of a lifetime.

Our team of kind and warm hearted professionals will look after you every step of the way. So relax, be inspired in paradise and let all your energy go to that very special person. You.

Our timetable reflects our ethos, balance. Enjoy the opportunity to explore our exciting activities and have important personal time to relax, dip in the pool or read that new book. Delve in to activities at your leisure, taking part in as much or as little as you like.

From yoga to Pilates, nature hikes to pampering, transformative workshops to creative art workshops, meditation to dancing cacao ceremonies, there is something for everyone.

Where you will stay

Your peaceful and tranquil retreat home, Can Maestro, is nestled amidst the picturesque Mediterranean countryside, on the magical island of Ibiza. The house has amazing charm and character, being over 600 years old, it has a very special energy and charm.

Surrounding the house is pure unspoiled nature, organic garden space to explore, meditative spaces to switch off and reconnect and a pool refreshes the senses. Take in the peaceful and calming nature that surrounds you, breath in the fresh air and feel full of life.


Each yoga and Pilates class will be designed to empower you with knowledge on how to safely explore and train your body to reach your full potential. You will feel safe, welcomed and inspired whatever your level (from absolute beginner to the experienced) our teachers are always on hand to give adjustments and modifications to suit your individual needs.

Our ethos is about learning to honour and embrace our body on each new day, exactly as it is. “It is only the mind that thinks the body should be a certain way or achieve a special goal. When we learn to silence the mind we can lovingly accept our body as it is.

Experience yoga beyond the postures. Although yoga postures, alignments and adjustments are important aspects of the yoga classes, there is so much more to yoga you will explore.

Each class will have a meditation and intention theme to it, helping you incorporate the teachings of yoga in to your day-to-day life. You will be guided on; understanding the mind and how to take back control of those wandering thoughts; self-acceptance and how we can learn to honour all parts of who we are; how to optimise our breath; how to adjust postures to your body’s needs; how to let go of tensions and stored emotions to free the body and mind from old aches, pains and patterns.

Retreat schedule

08:00 am dynamic hatha flow yoga and guided meditation
09:30 am smoothie and morning intentions and journaling
10:30 am body, mind and soul nourishing brunch by our incredible chef
11:30 am free time for swimming, reading, relaxing, pampering
14:00pm afternoon Pilates or workshop (yoga, mindfulness, art)
15:00 afternoon snack
15:30 free time or nature walk
18:30 Nourishing dinner by our incredible chef
21:00 evening restorative yoga or meditation to send you off for a blissful sleep
We will also enjoy island nature walks, special sunrise trip, sunset picnic outing, beach trips, brunch out at passion cafe, cacao ceremony, sound meditation, dancing and more

The food

Food is fuel. Enjoy healthy, balanced and full of flavour meals that will make your mind expand and your body burst with vitality. Be inspired by every meal and discover new ways to bring good, natural and wholesome foods in to your life. The secret ingredient that make all the food so magical? A big sprinkle of love and passion put in to every bite.

Think cooking demo, brunch, fresh and quality ingredients, afternoon snacks, super smoothies, delicious dinners and processed sugar free treats.

You will also be treated to a meal out at Ibiza famous Passion café. Situated on the idyllic promenade, it faces out to the Mediterranean Sea. They specialise in delivering fresh and healthy foods, supplied by local organic farms.

What makes the retreat special? Every single person who joins and is part of it! This experience will provide you with knowledge and insights on how to keep the benefits developing long after the retreat is over. It is the gift that will keep on giving.

The retreat is designed with so much expertise and love by Physiotherapist, Yoga teacher, Pilates teacher, Meditation teacher and Breathwork facilitator, Louise Cameron Edlund.

After experiencing difficult times in her life, from mental health challenges to chronic pain, Louise has travelled the world learning from great masters. Her journey has taken her from university degrees to the yogis of the Himalayas.

Dedicating her life to working out formulas for living a fully fulfilled life, on all levels (body, mind, heart and soul- your unique purpose and talents). It has become her deep felt purpose to spread her insights and knowledge. Everyone deserves their chance to live a fully empowered, healthy and happy life.

Louise picks out the perfect team of passionate people who share the same vision for life as she does. Each wonderful human-being brings in their lives passion to share, it is the incredible talents of the team that make it all possible. There is a real sense of family community and team camaraderie between all of the staff and the guests.

Retreat price

Petite room – Shared occupancy = £830 pp Solo occupancy = £1130
Standard room – Shared occupancy = £930 pp Solo occupancy = £1230
Master room – Shared occupancy = £990 pp Solo occupancy = £1290


  • 7 nights’ accommodation in villa
  • airport transfers
  • private chef
  • all meals and refreshments
  • meal at Passion Café
  • daily yoga classes (morning dynamic and evening restorative)
  • daily meditation classes
  • Pilates classes
  • sound meditation
  • sunset adventure
  • sunrise adventure
  • nature walks
  • excursions to explore Ibiza
  • beach trips
  • creative activities
  • workshops (yoga and mindfulness)
  • cacao ceremony
  • cooking demo
  • breath work (alchemy of breath)

Does not include

  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance

What to pack

Yoga clothing (sport wear, loose or comfortable for exercise)
Personal yoga mat if preferred, we will supply mats.
Sensible walking shoes e.g. trainers for walking excursions
Swim wear, sun hat and sunglasses
Jumper, cardigan and trousers.
Summer clothing
Flip flop/ sandals
Personal toiletries/ sunscreen
Small back pack for walking excursions
European health card
Money for shopping, souvenirs or holiday pampering

What past guests have said

“This retreat has been the best and most fulfilling experience of my life so far. It has opened my mind and body to all its abilities. I have confidence and a new lease of life to chase my dreams. The lessons I have learned and people I have met will stay with me forever as a very special part of my life”
“I’ve never been on a holiday focused on me before. It was an absolute treat to have this opportunity to reflect on life, in such a nourishing environment. I’m relatively new to yoga and loved how options were given to suit different levels. I was completely new to meditation and found learning this to be a highlight of the classes, as it gave me an opportunity to switch off and relax my mind”

“I was nervous coming on the retreat. I had never been away on my own before and I thought everyone would be advanced yogis, but no its been great. Although I didn’t know anyone on the retreat Louise and the team made it feel like being on holiday with old friends. I really loved meeting new people and bonding over great food and a great range of wellness activities. The best thing about the yoga classes has got to be Louise. She is an incredible yoga teacher and you never feel nervous about trying something new. She was always there to help, give different options and give lovely adjustments. She has the most relaxing and calming voice that transports you to a very blissful place”

“The food was great! The ingredients and flavours were incredible; I feel inspired to use them in my own cooking”



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