200h Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Gran Canaria, 4th – 25th July

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200h Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Gran Canaria

2021 Dates

4th – 25th July (*online part to be done from home: 6th to 27th of June)

We belong to the Earth and Nature shapes us. No matter which connection we choose to establish with it, Nature will always be there. Reminding us that it is where we come from, where we live and where we are going.

The five elements dance within us as the expression of Nature that we are. Yoga gives us the opportunity to balance them and thus connect with the essential, the pure, the instinctive.

Dancing with the five elements through yoga not only connects us to Nature but provides us with an organic way to balance our body, mind and soul from the inside and out. Moving the Nature that we are made of is what allows our essence to find the way to express itself.

In this 200 hour Yoga Vinyasa Teacher Training we study the healing power of the body through the nature of the 5 elements through a base sequence which is provided to the students. We apply concepts of physical and energetic anatomy, and Ayurveda and Chinese medicine for the complete understanding of the sequence to be learned.

Students are encouraged to create from the basic sequence once they master it, looking for what each person has to give to the world. There will be a special emphasis on finding each one’s voice, bring in to light what is their contribution to the world and give them tools to apply it in their lessons.

Some of the sessions focus on learning how to hold spaces where the work done by the assistants is profound, such as intensive workshops, retreats and training. The whole process of transformation is always guided with love.

Daily activities based on body expression, simple ancestral rituals and coaching techniques are held, with the aim of opening new paths for the students to reconnect with themselves and find what’s unique in them.

All the tools that will be put into practice during the workshops will be provided in an understandable way so that everyone can use them in their lessons and in their daily life. Some of the practices and meditations take place in Nature to recharge and feel in depth the element with which we work.

This Vinyasa yoga training is accredited by the Yoga Alliance and all of its content has been reviewed by AllYouCanYoga. Beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome.

Course Content

  • Philosophy: Understanding and contextualising yoga. Vedanta/ Upanishads / Gita
  • Anatomy applied to teaching and asana practice
  • Energetical anatomy
  • 8 limbs of yoga
  • Patanjali yoga sutras
  • The 4 main paths of yoga. The different yoga styles
  • Basic vocabulary in sanskrit
  • Mudras
  • Mantras. Working with the voice as an instrument
  • Characteristics and activation of the 5 elements. Scientific and yogic bases
  • The chakras and their connection with the 5 elements
  • Ayurveda principles. Koshas, Gunas and Kleshas
  • Chinese medicine principles. The organs and the elements
  • Principles of the use of crystals and energetic healing
  • Principles of aromatherapy
  • Bandas and their exact activation
  • Meditation techniques
  • Pranayama techniques
  • The use of bowls and harmonium. How to create a sound bath
  • The art of teaching: All You Can Yoga principles of the practice
  • The See Yoga 5 elements sequence and creative sequencing
  • Asana lab
  • Techniques for the development of creative projects applied to the sequencing
  • The sun and moon practice. Principles of yin yoga
  • Adjustments and alignment
  • The All You Can Yoga 5Ts for teachers
  • How to take care of your students and hold a suitable space for the practice
  • Techniques of energetic cleanse and reconnection through dance
  • Yoga as a profession. Techniques for the teachers to take care of themselves. Coaching actions to connect with our inner guide
  • Exploration of which is the way that best suits each person for their classes. Branding. Marketing. How to be devoted to your essence
  • The basics of the organisation of yoga retreats. How to stay faithful to the yoga principles in the business world
  • Group work / Research

Requirements for graduating

  • Personal interview (previous to TT)
  • Minimum of six months practicing yoga
  • 90% assistance to the TT sessions and practices
  • Presence and delivery of the tasks
  • Daily practice during the TT
  • Comprehension and complete knowledge of all the content and techniques
  • Individual yoga project
  • Pass the final exam


Laura Serrano is the leader of this yoga teacher training. Marta Alegre will be the second main teacher. There will be five more teachers invited to be confirmed soon!

Laura Serrano (leader, main teacher)
Nomad. This was the word with which Laura felt more comfortable until she found in Gran Canaria a place she could call home. There she stopped, after ten years of working as a researcher in the field of biology and as a professional photographer. Her path since she can remember has always been triggered by the strong will to find the way to be closer to Nature. While following her intuition and moving beyond her fears, she allowed her work to change as she also did.

Her lifestyle was in constant movement so she needed a space where to connect with the body, listen and release. Dance gave her that space and it was her way to connect to herself. Listening to what the body had to tell her was his medicine.

Over the years, she found another method of healing through the movement of energy and she trained in the first and second level of Reiki with the teacher Maite Corroto. But it was not until she tried yoga for the first time in 2006, when she knew she had found a place where to stop.

She decided to train as a yoga teacher to begin to share with gratitude what yoga had given her. He joined all kinds of trainings and workshops focused on body awareness, dance, body language and holistic healing to create his own teaching method.

She trained for two years as a teacher of the AfroYin® Method, a powerful tool of self-knowledge and personal transformation through movement, awareness and dance. Incorporating the 5 elements into her practice happened with the same spontaneity as the arrival of spring. Through them she felt Nature inside as she always fancied in the most daily, intimate and simple way.

Today, she organizes yoga holidays on the island of Gran Canaria and teaches AfroYin® Method workshops. She’s living the greatest journey of her life being a mother of two.

In her classes, the five elements dance according to the time of day, the season, the lunar cycle and the energy of the group. She combines Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin yoga practices, along with pranayama and meditation techniques, guiding her students through a deep practice, where they just have to breathe and enjoy.

Marta Alegre (second teacher)
Yoga has helped Marta to see how beautiful the world is the way it is. After studying and working 12 years in the fashion industry, in January 2014 she quit her job and traveled around Central America. She was tired of the industry and she needed a break to find balance again and go back to her own essence.

She had already practiced yoga many years before from a physical perspective but it was not till she began her travel that she started to connect with the yoga’s philosophy and ended living in an ashram of Sivananda lineage in the Bahamas for a few months. Since she arrived to the ashram she felt like home, everything was making sense on there.

The concept that yoga means union was making more sense than ever. She connected her past self with her present self and together with the Universe. It was in the ashram where she decided to deepen into her practice doing the Certified Teacher Training and since then she teaches Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin Yoga combined with sound relaxation techniques and meditation.

Listening to her heart and keeping discipline day to day were two of the most important things that she learnt with her own yoga practice. In her classes she invites you to practice yoga with love from a creative and free perspective, without judging, and without hurting yourself. Reminding that there is no perfect practice and no perfect asana. The perfect asana is where you are today.


All our accommodations are front beach and have sea views from most of the rooms. You can choose between staying in a modern cozy hostel (shared and private rooms), private apartments or a 3 * beach hotel.


No accommodation:
– Early bird (until March 31st 2021) 1200€
– Regular price: 1400€

Shared room at the hostel:
– Early bird(until31st March 2021) 1800€
– Regular price: 2000€

Private room at the hostel:
– Early bird (until 31st March 2021): 2200€
– Regular price: 2400€

Private studio:
– Early bird (until 31st March 2021): 2600€
– Regular price: 2800€
– Front beach apartment: depends on availability. Please contact us for further details.

Payment Plans → 2 equal payments.

Payment Deadlines → First one to book. Second one week before the start (online date). We can talk about other payment terms if needed.


  • All of the Teacher Training lessons and workshops
  • Daily assistance, coach and guidance since the beginning of the training.
  • The See Yoga/ AYCY Manuals, except the Anatomy Manual and the Essencial Asana Manual
  • Certificate accredited by the Yoga Alliance

Does not include

  • Anatomy Manual of All You Can Yoga
  • Essencial Asana Manual of All You Can Yoga
  • The books
  • Flights
  • Food
  • Transfer

What to pack

  • Notebook and pen. Computer if you prefer. We won’t provide the manuals printed for ecological reasons. So you can either bring your computer or ipad to use them, or print them by yourself if you prefer
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Your own yoga mat
  • A lot of motivation to learn and open soul to receive all of the best from the experience!

Location and how to get there

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The airport flying to Gran Canaria is called Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (LPA). There are a lot of different airlines flying from every European airport. The airport is like half an hour drive from us, so you could either take a bus (L60) or a taxi (which costs around 35€)


Fill in the booking form to make an enquiry or booking on this 200 Hour Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training in Ibiza. You can also contact the team direct on retreats@soulseedmedia.com if you have any questions.

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