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Recommended Yoga and Surf Retreats for the Summer!

It’s no secret that one of the many benefits of yoga is to complement other sports and fitness activities. Stretching, moving, and flowing through yoga postures helps to relieve aches, pains, and tight muscles. One of the best combinations of physical activity is surfing and yoga! You will feel empowered and balanced as you catch […]

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Retreats for National Vegetarian Week!

Did you know that it’s National Vegetarian Week? While of course it’s not mandatory to eat a vegetarian diet if you practice yoga, there are many reasons why yogis choose to forgo meat and poultry. Nourishing yourself with fruits, vegetables, legumes, beans, and grains is no doubt healthy for the body and mind. A vegetarian diet is also […]

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Travel Tuesday: Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina Retreats hosts Yoga Surf Immersions and Yoga + Spiritual Development Workshops throughout the year. Read on for a detailed description of what you can expect to experience in Panama City and Santa Catalina! Santa Catalina is a magical village about a 5 hour drive south west of Panama City on the Pacific Coast. The remote […]

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