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Belinda Matwali
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Addicted To Being is a multi level meditation program to integrate meditation and meditative living into everyday life.

We are human + beings, but most of us don’t know how to perceive our being or be able to identify with it. Through meditation we get to identify with our being and come into self realisation.

Our being begins to shine through more than our egoic identity. I call this Addicted To Being - when nothing feels better than being in awareness of the eternal aspect of us. Some Masters called in Self Remembering, Self Consciousness, To Awake but they are all pointing to the same thing.

Jackpine Theory Online Nomadic Yoga Studio
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Online Yoga Classes

Jackpine Theory is an Online Nomadic Yoga Studio. Classes are led by Laura, a qualified 200hr yoga teacher specialising in vinyasa flow, inspired by the intelligent sequencing and strong foundations found in Forrest yoga.

Jackpine Theory classes are about more than just moving the body, integrating thoughtful intents and breath work to leave you feeling better in body and mind. Morning classes are all about waking the body up and getting ready for the day, while the evening classes are about winding down, designed to support your natural energy levels throughout the day. Guided Yoga Nidra and the Move Meditate Manifest classes invite you to dive deeper into your daily practices, introducing you to new daily rituals you can incorporate into your routine.

Style of yoga
Lucy Lucas Online Yoga
Online Service

Lucy teaches Integrated Vinyasa, which combines yoga poses with other types of movement, based on nervous system benefits and functional anatomy. She also teach yin & restorative classes, plus mindfulness & meditation.

Classes are suitable for everyone who has a history of moving, even if not yoga. Complete beginners and those with injuries should contact me first to discuss.

Lucy’s classes are focused on embodiment, connection to self, regulating the nervous system, and improved mobility and strength

Cost: £13 one class / intro offer for new students
£55 for 5 / £100 for 10 (3 and 6 month validity)
Donation class each Wednesday: pay what you can afford or nothing at all

When booked, you are sent a link to join the class live via phone or computer. Book here.

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+44 7796 697574
Pilates with Priya
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Online Service

With online and in studio classes you can join us for Pilates where ever you may be! Priya is a highly experienced Pilates teacher with a team of teachers who teach from the heart. Our studio is small, friendly and full of community.

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Raw Horizons Academy 5 Day Wellbeing Coach Training
Online Service
teacher training

Wellbeing Coach Training – 5 day live Zoom course

Share your passion for wellbeing & be a certified Wellbeing Life Coach. Help people to live better.

Instructor – Dr Claire Maguire – Wellbeing & Transformation Coach, Retreat Leader, Published Author, Yoga teacher, Meditation Instructor, Breathwork Facilitator.

About this event

With society's emphasis on the importance of mental wellbeing and emotional health, it's an exciting time to get involved.

  • Are you passionate about wellbeing?
  • Do you wish to add wellbeing coaching to your skillset?
  • Would you like to help others suffering from anxiety, burn-out or overwhelm?

Then being a Wellbeing Coach could be for you.

Our accredited course gives you the confidence & the skills to do it properly in just 5-days of live learning.

We give you the ability to help people deal with change, manage stress and reach their true potential.

You can use these skills in 1:1 sessions, in groups or running retreats - both in-person or online.

Our graduates include yoga teachers & holistic practitioners who wish to complement their existing skills, individuals looking for a new rewarding career in helping others plus those working in the corporate arena who wish to add to their current qualifications.

Accredited by the NHS & The Association for Coaching, it shows our course is of the highest training standard.

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Our course is held around once a month.
CLICK HERE for upcoming dates.

What's included:
This comprehensive course gives you the tools to coach effectively and build your successful wellness business.

  • 5 days live teaching
  • Learn skills to help others deal with change, stress and reach their true potential
  • Life Coaching theory and techniques
  • Wellbeing Coaching theory and skills
  • The business side of coaching
  • Course workbook, activities, classes and workshops
  • Certificate of Wellbeing Life Coach
  • Membership with The Association for Coaching
  • NHS accredited certification
  • Bonus marketing modules to help you flourish
  • Dedicated support group

This course is for people serious about wanting to share their passion for wellness.

5-day Live Training = £1,997
Payment plans are available.

Student Reviews
'I have had the best week and it really did exceed my expectations. I am truly grateful, thank you so much x' Nikki M.

'Considering the training was online - you felt as if you were right there in the classroom with her. Thank you Claire for a wonderful training programme and excellent delivery.' Ann B.

'I found this to be an amazing course – packed full of all the information I need to set myself up for an exciting new career. Claire is full of vibrancy and knowledge and gives everything she’s got to ensure I know all I can to begin my journey and in turn help others down the line. Many thanks to Claire and all the team.' Janine P.

‘It was one year ago today that I completed the training to become a certified wellbeing coach with an amazingly inspirational and diverse group of people. A huge thank you to everyone who has helped me to bring my vision into reality :-) Roll on year 2!!’ Lynsay L.

‘It was a fabulous course. Incredibly inspiring and worthwhile. If you are thinking about it, just go for it, you won’t regret it.’ Geraldine M.

‘Thank you so much Dr Claire Maguire, your knowledge and warmth as a person shone through the whole time and to be able to deliver the amount of information you did in the space of 5 days is mind-blowing! Incredible, thank you.’ Sophie S.

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There is a huge increase in wellbeing awareness and the impact on our health and wellness. As such it is an inspiring time to join this supportive profession.

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Online Service

Yogateket are a health and wellness site that focuses on modern yoga practices, physical, mental and spiritual. In our online yoga library, there is something for every mood and need for the moment. Is it building a strong core with power yoga, clear the mind with guided meditation or get the detox benefits from the pranayama practice it is just a couple clicks away!

In your personalised dashboard, you find your history of taken yoga classes, your started yoga challenges, and programs are there as well your saved favourite yoga teachers. Now you can write and save a yoga journal to put your reflections and practice down on paper.

We invite you to sign up for a two-week free trial and try one of our yoga challenges or more in-depth learning programs, no strings attached cancel anytime.

14 day free trial then a monthly subscription US $18.00.

Business Phone Number
+46 76 310 90 18