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Address: Tunagatan 28
Uppsala, Sweden
Title of your service e.g yoga teacher: Online Yoga Library
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Yogateket are a health and wellness site that focuses on modern yoga practices, physical, mental and spiritual. In our online yoga library, there is something for every mood and need for the moment. Is it building a strong core with power yoga, clear the mind with guided meditation or get the detox benefits from the pranayama practice it is just a couple clicks away!

In your personalised dashboard, you find your history of taken yoga classes, your started yoga challenges, and programs are there as well your saved favourite yoga teachers. Now you can write and save a yoga journal to put your reflections and practice down on paper.

We invite you to sign up for a two-week free trial and try one of our yoga challenges or more in-depth learning programs, no strings attached cancel anytime.

14 day free trial then a monthly subscription US $18.00.

Business Website Address: https://www.yogateket.com/
Business Phone Number (please include your country code): +46 76 310 90 18
Lucy Lucas Online Yoga
Address: 3, Church Road
Royal Tunbridge Wells
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Lucy teaches Integrated Vinyasa, which combines yoga poses with other types of movement, based on nervous system benefits and functional anatomy. She also teach yin & restorative classes, plus mindfulness & meditation.

Classes are suitable for everyone who has a history of moving, even if not yoga. Complete beginners and those with injuries should contact me first to discuss.

Lucy’s classes are focused on embodiment, connection to self, regulating the nervous system, and improved mobility and strength

Cost: £13 one class / intro offer for new students
£55 for 5 / £100 for 10 (3 and 6 month validity)
Donation class each Wednesday: pay what you can afford or nothing at all

When booked, you are sent a link to join the class live via phone or computer. Book here.

Business Phone Number (please include your country code): +44 7796 697574
Breathing Space
Address: Canada, Spain and the UK
Title of your service e.g yoga teacher: Breathwork
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We believe that:

Everyone’s life can be improved from experiencing and learning the profound power of breathwork.

Everyone has the innate wisdom and strength to be their own teacher and their own healer.

Everyone needs more meaningful connection and real community in their lives.

What we do:

We teach people the tools they need and make the spaces where they can, heal and transform.

How we do it:

We run powerful workshops and life-changing retreats.

We run training courses to empower those who share our beliefs do the same.

We make community to support our journeys and make them fun!

Choose from one of the free breathwork courses or the Breathwork Foundation course.

1. Take a Breath – A free introduction to Breathwork

Take a Breath is a free and easy way for you to start your journey into Breathwork and get a chance to practice some of our favourite techniques here at Breathing Space.

2. Breathwork for Lung Health

Whatever our age, health, or fitness, lung health is something that we need to take care of. Breathwork is a free, easy, and accessible way of doing just that. In this free short course we explore some different exercises that are designed to improve your lung health.

3. Breathwork Foundation

This course explores our most powerful breathwork techniques, prepares you to go on your own personal journey of healing and transformation and connects you with a community to support you as you go.

The content is delivered by our Ruzuku platform using video recordings, audio and downloadable resources. Seminars are held every week via zoom and streamed into our exclusive facebook group. The course is ‘on-demand’ so you can start at any time and go at your own pace.

It is a four week commitment, but you will have lifetime access to all the resources and a standing invitation to our weekly seminars and masterclasses.

Cost: Free besides the Breathwork Foundation course. This is usually $100 – but if you put this link down or use the code Soulseed20 you will get a 20% discount.

Business Website Address: https://www.makesomebreathingspace.com/
Business Phone Number (please include your country code): +44 7941 241249
Rescue Remedies with Anna Ashby: Four Online Yoga Classes for Self-Isolation
Address: UK
Title of your service e.g yoga teacher: Yoga Teacher
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Our free online yoga classes with renowned yoga teacher Anna Ashby to help you deal with the stress and anxiety of self-isolation

Start with a short morning yoga practice, use your lunch break to release tension at your desk, take a short calming desk meditation at teatime and end the day with a grounding restorative yoga practice.

After ordering, you will get an email confirming your order and a follow up email with links to all the yoga classes in this series. Click the class links and you’ve got all the yoga and meditation you need for a peaceful, calm day. Sign up here.

Business Phone Number (please include your country code): 00000000000
Kundalini Yoga From Home
Address: Costa Rica
Title of your service e.g yoga teacher: Online Kundalini Yoga
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Our highly-trained, passionate teachers make Kundalini Yoga accessible to everyone. They also offer a practice that can be applied online and offline. No matter your age, location or fitness level, we offer classes that will work for you.

Access Kundalini yoga classes anytime and anywhere with minimal cost. Access to a variety of instructors to match your personal needs. Receive personalised coaching from certified teachers. Be in the comfort of your homes to enjoy a spiritual and physical experience. Enjoy real-time healing for health, emotional and lifestyle challenges

Connect with your spiritual family, with purposefully selected teachers, classes, workshops, events and more. Meet other like-minded individuals in a safe, well contained, intimate environment from around the world. Start taking time off for yourself to renew and recharge. Enjoy inner peace and self care, directly from your home.

Cost: Single Class Kundalini Yoga and Meditation from US $15. 5 Class pack from $55. 10 class pack from $99.


Business Website Address: https://kundaliniyogafromhome.com/
Business Phone Number (please include your country code): + 1 209 596 6465
Address: New York
Title of your service e.g yoga teacher: Online Yoga & Wellness Centre
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Welcome to VIVAYA, the world's first online interactive live-streaming yoga and wellness centre. Practice online with exceptional guides across yoga, meditation, nutrition, reiki and other healing arts – anytime and anywhere.

In a time where all yoga and wellness studios had to close their doors indefinitely, VIVAYA is the only live-streaming interactive online Yoga and Wellness Centre worldwide to share a full range of holistic practices like yoga, meditation, nutrition, healing arts and coaching.

By taking Yoga and Wellness classes out of the studio and into the safe comfort of the student’s living room, VIVAYA has created a groundbreaking new concept to offer easy access to exceptional yoga teachers and wellness experts across the United States without any constraints of time and mobility.

“It is our highest calling as yogis and healers to offer a safe and sacred place for nurturing, healing and spiritual development. This principle defines my mission as a yoga and meditation teacher but also as an entrepreneur and founder of VIVAYA, the world’s first all live-streaming and interactive online yoga and wellness platform.“ Florian Hartmann, CEO & Founder of VIVAYA

VIVAYA offers live-streamed content only, which makes it unique in its aim to recreate the group spirit of a yoga class in an online environment, where teachers and students see each other, practice together and talk with each other like in a regular studio class.

This special interactive connection enables the VIVAYA teachers to focus her class on the needs of their students, offer cues and modifications and adjust the pace of the class accordingly.

Meditation classes, guided meditations and pranayama classes are all $12 but with a two-week free trial.

In addition we have workshops and 1-1 for healing, nutrition and life coaching - teachers set their prices for workshops and and 1-1 themselves and they range anywhere from $25 to $40 for workshops, and $60 - $200 for 1-1 sessions.


Business Website Address: https://vivayalive.com
Business Phone Number (please include your country code): 0000000000