Pi Studio, Battersea

Pi Studio, Battersea
City: (City of) London
Business Name: Pi Studio, Battersea

A modern Classical Pilates Studio, next-level Training Academy and experiential Mind Gym. This is Your Space. A modern Classical Pilates Studio, next-level Training Academy and experiential Mind Gym.

Pi was founded in 2003 by Holly Murray, who has practiced and taught The Method of Joseph Pilates for over 15 years.

“Still, after so many years of teaching I remain as passionate as ever. My training began in NYC under the supervision of Romana Kryzanowska in 2003, the highly spirited keeper of the original teaching of Joseph Pilates. She taught me that the Pilates method is a discipline for the mind and the body and it should always be challenging but done with a smile.

I see every day the benefits Pilates makes to everybody that comes through our door. This method has moulded me as it has moulded my clients. I am grateful every day to the genius of Mr Pilates.” — Holly Murray, Pi Founder

Our vision is to provide the ultimate space, guidance and collaboration to upgrade and reconnect minds into bodies.
Combining a classical practice of disciplined movement with intense experiential learning, we help people explore, upgrade, achieve goals and move beyond the physical to reach a heightened level of being and awareness.

Our mission is to lead and inspire the future of Classical Pilates
Expanding beyond Classical Pilates, we offer a new kind of learning experience, opening a deeper connection between mind and body. We help enable ordinary people to make an extraordinary transformation.

Our values
Real. Aspirational. Connected. Alive. Innovative. Empowering. Upgrading. Physical. Strong. Fluid. Experiential. Aware. Current. Next-level.

History of Pilates
At its core Pilates is a discipline, created by a strong man, a gymnast and a boxer, Joseph Pilates. Created as a dynamic movement experience to be practiced over time and carried through life.

Joseph spent years questioning and challenging the status quo as the link between happiness, health and fitness, becoming his passion – truly a visionary and ahead of his time. The fitness industry is only now catching up as we choose more and more to work out intelligently.

Elements of all the disciplines Joseph practised such as boxing, gymnastics, martial arts, yoga, skiing, self-defence, dance, weightlifting, circus training can be found in his work. He studied, trained and selected the most effective aspects from each to develop the Pilates Method – Contrology.

His exercises take you through all ranges of movement and, as you develop, you are continually challenged with new exercises, new apparatus and new experiences. You will develop both in mind and body making the Pilates benefits far reaching and available to everybody.

Types of Pilates classes offered: Classical
Opening Hours: Weekdays 7am – 9pm
Weekends 9am – 2pm
  • Pi Studio, Battersea
  • Pi Studio, Battersea
  • Pi Studio, Battersea
  • Pi Studio, Battersea

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Listing Title: Pi Studio, Battersea