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Jen Welch Pilates
City: Surrey
Title of service : Pilates Teacher

Jen is a qualified APPI Pilates instructor offering group classes and 1:1/1:2 sessions in the Staines/Ashford area. All her Pilates sessions are designed using the APPI methodology which has been developed by physiotherapists. APPI is a globally recognised Pilates method. This safe and effective approach ensures that you are performing the Pilates moves safely and effectively.

Jen is currently offering both in-person and online classes and sessions so there is an option to suit everyone. Her current timetable includes mixed level classes, post-natal classes (Mum and baby) and High Intensity Pilates.

Classes are kept small, with a maximum of 12 people in each, to make sure that everyone receives individual attention to ensure they are performing the Pilates moves as effectively as possible. Classes are mat-based classes and use small equipment – bands, weights, balls and magic circles to add challenge and support.

1:1/1:2 Pilates sessions are ideal for those who are new to Pilates or those who want to work on a specific goal or have a specific rehabilitation need. These sessions are completely tailored to you and your needs and can currently be carried out online via Zoom or in person at Jen’s home studio in Ashford.

Business Phone Number : 07903525128
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KM Pilates
City: Surrey
Title of service : Pilates Teacher

KM Pilates offers group and private Pilates classes for all, believing everybody can benefit from it. Whether you are a professional athlete training for a specific goal, a new mum wanting to get back in shape and regain your core or you are recovering from injury, there’s a class for you!

Kirsten is an ex-professional ballet dancer and has experienced the benefits of Pilates for most of her life and after a career ending injury she knew she wanted to commit myself to helping others through Pilates.

All group classes (Postnatal, Mixed Level and Gentle Pilates) are currently held online via Zoom. The studio offers PAYG classes or an unlimited monthly membership option so you can attend as many of our group classes as your heart desires!

Kirsten also offer private sessions (1-1 or small groups) either at your home, workplace or via Zoom. Private lessons are great as the workout can be tailored to your specific needs and will help you see improvement quicker. They are also helpful for anyone who is completely new to Pilates to help you grasp the basics quickly and gain confidence before joining a group class.

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Loving Pilates, Manchester
City: Manchester
Title of service : Pilates studio

Helping women to build strength, flexibility and restore posture using classical pilates. Through her own experience, Rikke knows Classical Pilates can be powerful and transformative, she wants to share that knowledge and experience with everyone walking through the doors to Loving Pilates.

Having taught her own Classical Pilates classes, in Didsbury and the Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates classes with the Yoga rooms, it only felt natural to bring it all together and open up her own studio on 10 Gawsworth Avenue in Didsbury.

The Studio now open, has become renowned for the Pilates classes, offering Classical Pilates and women’s only classes. Loving Pilates help busy women feel stronger and more connected with weekly, fun and energising Pilates classes.

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Pilates By Helena, London
City: (City of) London
Title of service : Pilates Teacher

Helena is an experienced and passionate Body Control trained Pilates teacher who is a Pilates specialist in a number of different areas including Pilates for lower back pain management, hypermobility, pregnancy / post natal training, shoulder rehab, breast cancer rehab, osteoporosis, hip replacements, scoliosis and using Pilates to enhance sports performance (such as Pilates for golfers, runners and cyclists) to name just a few of her areas of training (for more information check out About Helena).

Helena can help you to get into shape, help you to move more effectively, pain-free, boost your confidence and generally feel better in yourself via her online Pilates classes.

Should you want a more private Pilates experience, Helena offers bespoke Pilates classes at home in London or private Pilates classes at work in London as well as Pilates for teenagers and children in schools.

Zoom or in London
Title of service : Pilates Yoga Ballet
Online Service: classes

The serene approach to pilates, yoga and ballet for the discerning client who appreciates being able to contact Gillian directly at any time and receive personal attention. Everyone is treated as an individual.

Pilates, Yoga and Ballet classes via Zoom (and in person in London, UK).

Monday 11am, 6pm, 7pm Pilates
Tuesday 11am Pilates
Wednesday 11am Pilates
Thursday 1pm Absolute Beginners Ballet
Friday 1pm Pilates, Gentle Aerobics & “weights” (using objects found in the home!)

For more help on joining an online class see: Online Classes Help

Pilates & Yoga will help:

  • Reduce/Eliminate Back/Neck Pain
  • Flatten Abdominals
  • Improve Posture and Breathing
  • Tone Thighs/Buttocks/Triceps
  • Manage Stress
  • Develop Flexibility, Strength and Relaxation
  • Throughout pregnancy and will regain figures post-natally
  • and much more!
Business Phone Number : +447366035564
White Peacock Pilates Studio UK and Hungary
Title of service : Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi , CBT and Psychology
Online Service: classes

Mind, Body and Soul Wellness. Pilates, yoga and Tai chi classes. Pre and post natal sessions, rehabilitations, sport conditioning, tone and strength classes and private sessions.

CBT and Psychology for all conditions include anxiety, fear, addiction. Looking for some direction or help to achieve better and happier life or you want to work on deeper, longer conditions. Private sessions available online.

Business Phone Number : +44 7779576208